July was an important month for development projects. Some important bids were open to receiving new proposals and, among them, it is worth noting the bids of Sao Paulo State Program for Promotion of Culture. The program was with two specific bids to museums since mid-June 2016, one of which was directed to the publication of museum collections.

During the month of June, we had a few and good opportunities to develop new contacts with professionals and students interested in GLAM projects. We can consider this is a great step, since the movement still needs to be more known by the public in general and by the professionals as well.

Recentemente, foi firmada uma parceria entre o Museu da Imigração do Estado de São Paulo e o Creative Commons BR, por meio do Centro de Tecnologia e Sociedade da Escola de Direito do Rio de Janeiro da Fundação Getulio Vargas (CTS/FGV).