During the month of June, we had a few and good opportunities to develop new contacts with professionals and students interested in GLAM projects. We can consider this is a great step, since the movement still needs to be more known by the public in general and by the professionals as well.

One event certainly contributed to this scenario: the 8th Museums Conference that took place between June 13th to 15th. Promoted by the São Paulo State Secretariat of Culture, the annual conference is already an event that traditionally gathers people from different places of Brazil and abroad to discuss the best ways to connect museums.

This year the event's theme was “Museums networks and systems: collaborative actions” and the agenda was very focused on throwing light on some of the contemporary concerns of the museum area. We can name some of them that has a direct impact on building open GLAM initiatives, like: collaborative collecting and professional and social network through social media.

While the event was happening, some of GLAM volunteers like one of the authors of this report herself and Claudia Porto (a museum consultant) started a conversation with other colleagues about an idea that maybe can help to spread the GLAM movement around here: a query about the status of museums holdings licensing. On one hand, this can be very important to understand what are the big obstacles and the real challenges for the institutions; on the other, this can be very helpful to establish a scenario where adequate proposals can be outlined to fit the contexts (and the capabilities) of the institutions. On July, we expect to bring more people to discuss the idea and, if everything goes right, to kick-off a project.

It is also important to say that during this month, professionals and students of a certification Museology course of São Paulo are starting a collaborative and voluntary work to help organizing data about Brazilian monuments. This has been done in order to organize data about Sao Paulo monuments for the next Wiki Loves Monuments contest. On this month also happened that Wikimedia Foundation allowed a budget for a 3-month Wikimedian intern to help GLAM projects in Brazil – news that was received by the Brazilian Wikimedia Group of Education and Research with huge enthusiasm.

Data original do post: junho/2016

Fonte: https://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/GLAM/Newsletter/June_2016/Contents/Brazil_report


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